Giving back to Volkswagens Customers through engaging tips

2D Animation

Live Action


Campaign Name:

Volkswagen | After Sales Management


Volkswagen South Africa & Ogilvy

The Challenge:

Our dynamic team, in collaboration with Ogilvy South Africa, created captivating content for Volkswagen (VW) car owners in South Africa. Our mission? To provide engaging and educational material for a seamless driving experience. From safety tips that tame the speed demons to car maintenance know-how that keeps the engine purring, we covered it all. We were like automotive wizards, crafting content that resonated with VW owners, making them nod and say, "Yep, they understand us."

The Insight:

The Solution:

We created a magical mashup of live-action and animation, collaborating with Ogilvy South Africa to deliver entertaining and educational content. The charismatic Goliath brothers took the stage, presenting real-life scenarios and expert maintenance tips. But we didn't stop there. Animation came to the rescue, simplifying technical jargon into an engaging and digestible visual experience. So sit back, relax, and get ready to absorb knowledge in the most entertaining way possible. With the Goliath brothers and our animated wonders, we've got your back on all things car maintenance. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

The Impact:

Our "edutainment" approach was a hit! Our winning formula seamlessly blended education with entertainment, leaving our audience cheering for more. It was like enjoying a cheesy pizza with hidden broccoli – the goodness and fun combined! The response was phenomenal, with positive feedback flooding in from our savvy viewers who were hooked on our car safety and maintenance tips. Awareness levels skyrocketed, showcasing VW's commitment to customer care and safety in South Africa. Kudos to our team, the Goliath brothers, and the magic of "edutainment" for making car knowledge irresistible.

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