Cyber Security

It’s obvious that cringeworthy content catches attention. So why is sharing personal information online not?

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Campaign Name:

SABRIC | Some things shouldn’t be shared


SABRIC & SO Interactive

The Challenge:

In this digital age, scams seem to lurk around every corner. To most, they seem so obvious. But time and time again, people fall for them. We needed a campaign that would illustrate just how obvious these scams can be.

The Insight:

You wouldn’t share your toothbrush. How about the gum in your mouth? Or your gym towel, your razor, your underwear?! Obviously not! So why do people share their personal passwords and PINs?

The Solution:

We dialled up the gross factor to show people just how ridiculous sharing personal info can be, by making them cringe. And, once we’d got their attention with our cringeworthy content, we told them how cringe it is to share their personal details online – giving them something to think about while brushing their teeth, chewing gum, going to gym, shaving, or getting dressed.

The Impact:

Collaborating With:

S.O. Interactive