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People don’t speak banking lingo, so FNB spoke their language.

Live Action

Campaign Name:

First National Bank | TVC



The Challenge:

In 2019, FNB launched ‘NAV’, a product on their app that gives people quick, easy, round-the-clock access to smart banking assistance. But, let’s be honest, most people aren’t that clued-up when it comes to banking.

The Insight:

We know this because we’re most people. So, we realised we’d have to speak to people the way we’d like to be spoken to: simple and easy-to-understand.

The Solution:

We decided to let people like us do the talking. Different people, with different banking needs, all explaining this multifaceted product and what they get from it in a relatable way. No banking lingo, just the bare benefits to everyday people like you and me.

The Impact:

We did this across multiple executions over a three-year period, from quarterly brand ads and nationwide product launches to resizes, cutdowns, highlights reels and everything in between. Always on and always educating.

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