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Campaign Name:

KFC | Shop Your City


KFC & Ogilvy

The Challenge:

KFC aimed to capture the hearts (and taste buds) of a younger audience by diving headfirst into youth culture. Armed with flavor and swagger, they embarked on a mouthwatering mission to conquer the hearts of the hip and happening. Brace yourself, world, because finger-lickin' goodness is about to collide with the trendsetters of tomorrow. Get ready for the delicious revolution that will make the cool kids flock to KFC like moths to a crispy, golden flame.

The Insight:

As artificial intelligence unleashed its mind-bending powers, a whole new world of creative possibilities emerged. AI-inspired scannable artworks became a reality, sparking an electrifying buzz. It was our time to shine! With boundless imagination and a wicked concept, we dove headfirst into the digital playground, ready to redefine creative boundaries. Brace yourself for a wild ride as we unleash AI magic, leaving jaws dropping in awe. Get ready to paint the town with pixels and revolutionize the art world!

The Solution:

We teamed up with Uncle Waffles, South Africa's rising global star, and dropped an exclusive meal that set the streets on fire. It was a culinary hack, a match made in foodie heaven. But we didn't stop there. With prompt engineering and wicked design skills, we unleashed mind-blowing scannable artworks across select locations. Each piece told a chapter of Uncle Waffles' amapiano journey, blending seamlessly into street art, cultural landmarks, and hip street fashion. It became a captivating treasure hunt where hungry explorers scanned their way through the urban jungle, unlocking a secret menu and promo code on the KFC app. It was a feast for the eyes and taste buds, a fusion of art and finger-lickin' goodness that left fans craving for more. Welcome to the streets, where KFC and Uncle Waffles redefined savoring every bite and grooving to the rhythm of a food revolution.

The Impact:

Sales skyrocketed an astonishing 125% above our wildest forecasts, surpassing all expectations. And that's not all! Within a mere two weeks, an incredible 60% of KFC stores were unable to meet the overwhelming demand, leaving customers empty-handed. Hack the Streets became the stuff of legends, shattering records at every turn. It quickly became KFC's fastest-selling limited-time offer to date, leaving an indelible mark on taste buds everywhere. KFC and Hack the Streets—triumphant conquerors who forever transformed the culinary landscape.

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AI-Prompted Scannable Artworks