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Campaign Name:

KFC | Digital Anamorphic (3D) Billboard


KFC & Ogilvy

The Challenge:

When the creatives at Ogilvy shone the RJF bat signal to the sky, we jumped into action to help them bring a monumentally novel piece of work to life: KFC’s First DOOH Anamorphic Billboard! The challenge? We had just over 3 weeks to shoot, 3D model, animate and render this masterpiece.

The Insight:

With the launch of KFC’s new concept store in South Africa in Johannesburg, we needed to create something truly spectacular that would draw people in, showcasing the innovation the concept store offers customers.

The Solution:

Combining technical perspective knowledge, live-action food shoots, and 3D animation was the weapon of choice for this project. Firstly, our live-action team paired up with world-class food stylists to shoot the finger licking good product in a controlled environment. Next, our team of animators took the helm. Using the captured food, they then seamlessly blended it into a wonderful world of imaginative scenes that represent the concept store below the billboard.

The Impact:

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