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A device so good, you'll need to break up with your IT department.

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Google Chromebook | Launch AV



The Challenge:

When Google presented us with a mind-boggling challenge, we donned our wildest thinking caps. Their request? Create an ad for their new device while revealing as little as possible. Selling a mystery box without disclosing its contents? We love brain teasers! Our creative writing wizards unleashed their magic, crafting a captivating tale that sparked imagination. Viewers were left intrigued, eager to uncover the wonders within. It was an unparalleled challenge, but we embraced it with confidence and a cheeky grin. Brace yourself, as we redefine the art of selling without showing. Prepare for a word-filled journey, an anticipation-filled symphony, and marketing magic that will make you crave the mysterious Google device like never before.

The Insight:

Get ready to uncover the secret superpowers of the Google Chromebook. Imagine an advanced operating system that rivals rocket scientists. Its reliability surpasses even the finest Swiss watches. Say farewell to IT support calls as this laptop becomes your personal tech guru. Need a quick fix? The Chromebook has you covered like a superhero cape, effortlessly conquering any tech troubles. Whether you're a tech wizard or a self-proclaimed technophobe, the Google Chromebook is the sidekick you never knew you needed. Embrace unstoppable productivity with this mighty machine by your side. Say hello to advanced operating systems and bid farewell to IT support woes. The Google Chromebook has arrived, ready to save the day, one click at a time.

The Solution:

Get ready for a hilarious tale that highlights the unwavering reliability of the Google Chromebook. Imagine an office romance gone wrong, a breakup that could rival Shakespearean comedy. But fear not! In the midst of heartbreak, the Chromebook shines as a symbol of strength and performance. While the drama unfolds, this mighty machine remains unfazed, effortlessly handling tasks with grace. It's like having a personal therapist and tech wizard in one. Need to conquer a spreadsheet while shedding a tear? The Chromebook has you covered. Craving a sitcom binge to heal a broken heart? Consider it done, thanks to the Chromebook's sleek design and lightning-fast performance. So, when life throws you a curveball, remember that the Google Chromebook is your faithful companion, turning tears into laughter and heartaches into triumphs. It's a resilient tech partner that never lets you down, even in the face of office relationship disasters. Chin up, my friends, and let the Chromebook guide you through the stormy seas of love and technology.

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