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How did one hard-working chicken make buckets of gold for KFC?

3D Animation

Campaign Name:

KFC | Golden Bucket Promo


KFC & Ogilvy

The Challenge:

For their 50th birthday, KFC gave away 50 million rand in real gold. Our role? We had to let everyone know about this pot of gold – in the most engaging way possible – without spending a bucket-load of gold on production.

The Insight:

KFC’s promotion was already perfect: everyone loves KFC, and everyone loves gold. But KFC, as a business, also loves gold. So, we came up with the perfect solution to save them some.

The Solution:

To start, we 3D-modelled, rendered and animated some gold KFC coins to dazzle and entice our audience. Beautiful, and on brief.

Then, because we’re all about working smart, we decided to shoot one piece of chicken that could then be reused in future KFC commercials. How? We used photogrammetry to capture the real piece of chicken from every angle. Then, we were able to re-create a photo-realistic version as a 3D object, preserving the ‘perfectly imperfect’ organic look of KFC’s iconic product.

The Impact:

With one shoot and some cutting-edge post-production technology, we captured a bank of digital assets that could be used across various media. This gave us unlimited freedom to manipulate and re-use the product, optimising turnaround time and cutting production turn around time and costs for KFC drastically.

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