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Belgotex and The New Order step up where most flooring companies drag their feet.

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2D Animation

Campaign Name:

Belgotex | Floors to your door


The New Order & Belgotex

The Challenge:

The New Order came knocking on our door. They needed a TVC that would bring their vision for Belgotex to life.

The Insight:

When it comes to flooring companies, Belgotex is in a league of its own. While others drag their feet, Belgotex steps up with a level of service that's nothing short of a dream. Picture this: they deliver carpet and surface samples right to your doorstep, take precise measurements, and handle the final fitting with expertise. It's a seamless process that leaves you with the perfect flooring solution. Belgotex knows that attention to detail and exceptional service make all the difference.

The Solution:

In collaboration with the detail oriented minds at The New Order agency, we embarked on a journey to blend fantasy and reality, creating a mesmerising mixed media experience. Our goal? To bring Belgotex's efficient and seamless service into the spotlight. Picture this: a world where fantasy and reality intertwine, where our protagonist's home transforms effortlessly before her (and the viewer's) eyes. It's a dreamlike vision that showcases the power of Belgotex to make your home come alive with ease. With their expert guidance and our creative prowess, we crafted a captivating story that will leave you in awe. Get ready to be transported to a world where dreams become real, all thanks to Belgotex and their unrivaled service.

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The New Order

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